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Langton's Classification

Parker Coonawarra Estate has proudly achieved Langton's Classification V for Excellence for our First Growth Cabernet Sauvignon. We are one of only 123 Australian wineries to receive this acknowledgement for winemaking excellence.
What is Langton’s Classification of Australian Wine?
Langton’s 2010 Classification of Australian Wine V is a ‘form guide’ of Australia’s best performing and most prized wines. It was first published in 1990 to create interest and build demand in the fledgling Australian fine wine market. Followed by wine collectors and wine trade around the world, it has become an Australian institution with a prestigious international currency. It is arguably the most famous and widely respected wine Classification outside of Europe.

What are the Classification categories?
Langton’s Classification of Australian Wine comprises four categories:
  • Exceptional
  • Outstanding
  • Excellent
  • Distinguished
How many wines are included in Langton’s Classification of Australian Wine V?
Langton’s Classification V comprises 123 ultra-fine Australian wines, each with a reputation for consistency and provenance. Revised every five years, the Classification demonstrates an evolving Australian wine making culture at the forefront of innovation and excellence in the world of fine wine. It also reflects a continuing momentum towards single vineyard wines and regional identity. It maintains a strong emphasis on red wines, particularly labels with renowned cellaring potential.

How many Classifications have there been?
Five; Langton’s Classification of Australian Wine has been released every five years since 1991.

  • 1991 Classification (I) – 34 Wines
  • 1996 Classification (II) - 64 Wines
  • 2000 Classification (III) – 89 Wines
  • 2005 Classification (IV) – 101 Wines
  • 2010 Classification (V) – 123 Wines
Why does Langton’s release a Classification?
Langton’s Classification was first released as a form guide for its clients. It has become increasingly recognised by the world of fine wine as an ‘unofficial honour roll’ of fine Australian wine. Langton's continue to publish it because the information and analysis remains of genuine interest to the Australian and international fine wine market.
What are the criteria for inclusion in the Classification?
The Classification works on the essential elements of track record and reputation, both of which are measured through market presence, consistency, volume of demand and price realisations. A wine must have 10 vintages made to be considered for the Classification. This principle is designed to allow a wine to build up a track record and reputation.
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