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SBW Wine Flight Pack

SBW Wine Flight Pack
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Explore the amazing combinations of Coonawarra Cabernet with interesting varietals such as Montepulciano, Sangiovese, and Cinsault. Witness the magic when different regions come together in harmony through our unique SBW wines.

As part of the annual Coonawarra Cabernet Celebrations, we are offering customers a rare opportunity to purchase these wines in our limited edition SBW Wine Flight Pack for the month of October. We appreciate most of our valued customers are unable to visit our cellar door at the moment and experience this unique wine flight, so we have made it availbe to purchase and taste for yourselves at home. 

In this limited edition pack;

1 x SBW #2 2015 Super Luigi (Cabernet/Sangiovese) 

1 x SBW #7 2019 Simpatico (Cabernet/Shiraz) NOT YET RELEASED 

1 x SBW #6 2019 Serendipity (Cabernet/Cinsault) NOT YET RELEASED 

1 x SBW #3 2018 Napoleon (Cabernet/Montepulciano) 

4 pack (1 of each) $190.00 + FREE FREIGHT